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Week of Applied Mechanics with the Educational and Scientific Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering Institute. On May 29, 2024, the Department of Machine Design invites applicants and students to familiarize themselves with the Educational Program: Machine Design and Design Time: 16:00 Where: ZOOM online meeting
Congratulations to the winners! A team of students of the 1st year of the department of machine design of the NN MMI KPI named after Ihoria Sikorskyi took an honorable 2nd place in the technical skills competition Service Master Junior 2024. Among almost 40 educational institutions, […]
Congratulations to the winners of the 1st stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Machine Details and Fundamentals of Design”, which took place on April 23, 2024: 1st place – Maksym Apanasyuk, MMI, MV-11 2nd place – Oleksiy Aksinushkin, MMI, MA-13 3rd place – […]
We invite all those willing to take part in the 1st stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Machine details and design basics”, which will be held on April 23 in remote mode and synchronous format on the basis of the machine design department […]
About the conference XV International Scientific and Technical Conference of Young Scientists and Students “Youth Innovations in Mechanical Engineering” is intended for scientific communication of creative youth from different regions of Ukraine in the field of mechanical engineering, exchange of scientific and technical achievements, approval of […]
From the entire team, we congratulate our colleague, Ivanka Slobodianiuk, on her birthday! Let the work bring you many more years of inspiration. Let your experience help young people. We wish you to achieve everything planned, good luck, luck and success in all matters, great happiness […]
We congratulate the dear and respected head of our department, Yury Mykhailovych Danilchenko, on his birthday! We wish that your works are always properly evaluated. So that an active life position brings many pleasant impressions and sensations. Health and energy! Peaceful sky!
Our dear students!!! Congratulations on the holiday! Let the sessions pass, everything will be in order in the score books and the transitions from course to course will be painless! But this is not the only important thing in student life! Let today’s desperation, courage and […]
Modern scientific strategies of development : collective monograph / Compiled by V. Shpak; Chairman of the Editorial Board S. Tabachnikov. Sherman Oaks, California : GS Publishing Services, 2022. 349 р. ISBN 978-1-7364133-9-5. DOI: 10.51587/9781-7364-13395-2022-008. The collective monograph is a scientific and practical publication that contains scientific […]
Dear colleagues! On behalf of the scientists of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the National Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine, I welcome the participants of the international conference. I wish you a fruitful exchange of research results and a lively discussion! […]

Bachelor (after school)

Bachelor is the first, initial academic degree or qualification awarded to persons who have mastered the relevant educational programs of higher education. Completed first level higher education in countries participating in the Bologna Process.

The special “131 – APPLIED MECHANICS” is a specialty in which teach to design and build machines. This specialty provides an opportunity to get the best technical education and become a professional in engineering. Applied mechanics is a specialty that will allow you to literally learn to industrial production, understand the structure of any industrial systems, aircraft and spaceships. Learn how new computer technologies are being introduced in production, freely work with all the necessary programs. We prepare high-level professionals for successful career growth in production facilities in international and Ukrainian companies; in the analytical, consulting and research field of activity, where the acquired knowledge and skills are highly valued by employers.

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